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Janet Stewart, Director, Safety, Porter Airlines

“I wanted to take a few moments to thank you and your company for your work on the Porter digital training modules. … I could not have imagined how successful it would be. … Our training instructors have been awed by your work and assure us that they have never been given such wonderful training tools. The modules are polished, engaging and precise.”

Mahesh Sharma

“The session was very informative and interesting as it focuses not only on the emergency services provided to the mass fatalities but also involves different assistance to the victim’s family in the form of support and cooperation that helps in their reinforcement”.

Richard Lichten (Retired law enforcement lieutenant)

“After three decades in front-line police work, I’ve received/provided training in large-scale operations as well as serving as the incident commander in many large-scale events over the years so I feel qualified to comment on Kenyon’s Online Learning Center training. The manner in which the course was organized was well thought out. Clearly a lot of work went into the video production of the course content. The easy to follow lessons which had the right amount of photos and graphics were helpful to get a much better understanding of what Kenyon is all about. I liked the commentary by Kenyon CEO Robert A. Jensen. He came across as a caring, creditable, and sincere person. The CEO made it very clear about the difficult challenges of deployment. However, when he spoke about the enormous personal rewards of being a part of a deployment, I am now more excited then ever to have an opportunity to deploy. In short, the online training was excellent.”